Crackbook, or I mean Facebook… has become such the phenomenon.  To think, you can get the dirt on just about anyone you know, all at the time, and at the comfort of your own home. I’ll admit, I was intrigued by how easily it was to spy on people.  The hidden stalker in all of us bursts out, and we look up random people to know what they’re up to. Whether it was that hot guy from High School or that slutty girl from College, we just have to know their business. I find that every conversation now starts with, “ Did you see (name)’s profile on Facebook?…..”   

My husband deleted his account after coming to the conclusion that Facebook is evil, and is a sick program that allows individuals to give out their personal information.  I still use it.  I actually like collecting info on people.  I’ve actually gave up on emailing and msn-ing for writing on someone’s wall.  As the site grows more and more applications will be made and soon enough the whole world will be connected to one another.  And then, a new networking site comes out that will kick Facebook to the curb. 

 Then we create yet another profile for others to see.

check out this site:


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