How do you react to your child’s agonizing screaming and yelling?  I once promised myself that I wouldn’t be that parent to let my child cry out loud in public.  The moment I heard such screams I would usually say, “When I have kids they’ll never be that way!!!”  Well, the time has come and I am now a mother to a 2 year old hyper-hyper boy.  And, guess what?  He yells in public… surprise-surprise!  And, my reaction you ask?  Well, I used to turn away and ignore him, much like the parents I would roll my eyes at.  I didn’t realize I was doing this until my Dad yelled at me to do something (irony).  Oh right, my son and I aren’t the only two people in the mall.  So, now… I get down on my knees and give my hyper-active son a simple, “Stop it” and guess what? That works for him! Praise the Lord!   I’m just wondering what other parents do to shut up their kids.


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