The Skinny Headband

  When your bangs reach that in-between stage, buy yourself a skinny headband.  This head piece was popularized by Ashley Simpson.  It’s now seen on the red carpet accessorizing Gucci & Prada!  I usually wear a skinny headband with a loose ponytail and I let out a few whispy pieces.  While most stars sport this style with elegant gowns, I like this look with casual clothes and a pair of designer runners.  Not only are these head pieces cheap, they’re also very easy to find.  Just go to your local drugstore and you’ll find a variety of colors as well as styles.


2 thoughts on “The Skinny Headband

  1. Kpriss says:

    not a bad idea! they do come in handy when having things to do around the house (and especially in the kitchen!) (that’s for the un-glamorous side :D)

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