Put your hand down, loser!

  I’m sure you’ve come across one of these in your life time.  It’s that annoying person who feels it necessary to give their opinion on just about anything the teachers says.  I’m currently taking a few classes at a local college and I knew that I would be faced with someone like this.  Now, I understand that it is beneficial for the whole class to get feedback from their peers, but if you put your hand up after every sentence the teacher says… you’re asking for a pencil to be flung at your head.  Here’s an example: the teacher says, “The sky is quite blue today, I might go for a walk later” to which the annoying one responds, “So, you’re going for a walk because the sky is blue?”  I swear every bad word you could call someone just explodes in everyone’s head. When they see that hand go up, knowing that the person will just be spewing the exact sentence the teacher just said.  Can’t we all just gather them up and put them in one classroom?  Maybe they can look at each other and realize that they’re all annoying!


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