The Walkvest?!?!?

30 something mom walk vest What is the Walkvest?  Well, it’s a training system developed by Debbie Rocker that revolutionizes walking simply by adding resistance (added weight) to your walk.  The vest includes 8 half-pound weights. You then distribute the weight according to your resistance.  I’m not too sure about this “new thing”.  Wouldn’t it feel like carrying a heavy back pack?  It retails for around $80 US.  Now, for $80 I can buy a vest with pockets and place stones in them…. Wouldn’t it be the same thing?  What are your thoughts? And, would you buy this?


6 thoughts on “The Walkvest?!?!?

  1. Lisa says:

    How do you figure out sizing for the vest? I’ve looked on several websites that sell the Walkvest, but the sizes are listed as S,M,L & XL.

  2. Dave says:

    I checked one out a friend had a couple of months ago. i didn’t like it. uncomfortable.
    I purchased an Ironwear Cool Vest ( and its hands down 100 times better. Trust me even looking at the picture of this and the pictures of mine on the companys web page you can see the difference. check it out for yourself!

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