I think I’m pregnant… but the test says otherwise?!?!?

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So I think I’m pregnant.  I took 2 pregnancy tests and they both came out negative.  I haven’t had my period in over a month and my clothes are slowly shrinking?!?! I’m going to go to the Dr’s this coming Monday.   While having another child would be so much fun, I just didn’t think I’d have one so soon after my first.  The sad part is… if I’m not pregnant, then that means I gained a ton of weight and will soon enough have to go buy new clothes.  God forbid I start working out again.  I hate this feeling of unsure-ness (is that a word?).  It’s almost like that commercial when the girl thought everything was a pregnant stomach.  I’ll just have to wait and see…..


28 thoughts on “I think I’m pregnant… but the test says otherwise?!?!?

  1. raye says:

    Ive tooken 2 pregnancy test too…..but i havent came on my period…both test were negative, but im still gettting cramps its so weird.

  2. Michele D. says:

    Me too…. this is so crazy. I am always on time. My periods are always every 22 days. It’s 1/15 and I was suppose to get it on 1/13. I feel PREGO for sure as this would be my second baby. But I have taken several test and still no POSITIVE response. I’m worried.

  3. Jenna D says:

    well hey wow more people like me but my test came out positive and inconclusive so i dont know my period is on time every month because of the birth control im on but my cloths slowly are shrinking and im moody and i eat alot so please definatly tell us all how it goes so i know

  4. Tiffany says:

    Ive got the same problems almost. I have an Irregular Period. I have most of the symptoms of Pregnancy. Ive taken 3 Pregnancy tests. All Negitive. First day missed period was today. Still scared. Wondering. Blah. Help?

  5. tiffany 2 says:

    hello i havenet had a period or bleed since jan 16 and i only bleed for a day and a half, i think im prego but noit sure im bloated, having massive headaches i haven had heartburnm for almost four months and no i hav eit every day, i havent puked in the morning except dry heave, and i was at work last friday and i puked 4 times out of nowhere

  6. Kat S says:

    I to have all the signs of being preggo. I feel preggo. I get sick. Im always tired. tender breast but the test says im not. I havent missed a period yet im going to wait till friday. if nothing by wed then im going to take another test. it coule be just stress. not sure

  7. Amanda says:

    hi! this is the weirdest thing, i think im pregnant but both the tests ive taken tell me no but i still feel like i am and im still having all the symptoms of being pregnant, even my co workers think i am by just the way i act and the way im throwing up all the time at work for no reason. In january I was late by 2 days and that period only lasted 3 days, and it wasnt a normal period, it was so little, then this month i was late again and it only lasted 2 days and this one was even less then last month. Im so scared because i dont know what to do. Could i be pregnant?

  8. Madison says:

    Hey lady I feel the same way my head hurt all the time..feel like I wanna throw up but I can’t I took 3tests all them NO…I’m going take another one in 2 days see if I’m pregnant god I’m…I’m 33 years old no KIDS!!!

  9. Sarah says:

    Im 15 and going through something similar but, im on my period just spotting. I want to have a baby i know im young and still have an education ahead of me. But i still want one, im probably not going to keep it. But i took 3 pregnancy tests all negative. But im going to take one today, pray for the best.

    • kellie says:

      You say you prop wont keep it but then say prey for the best?!! whats that about? There are loads of people including me who are trying to get pregnant and having trouble, your trying to make a life not just something you can or cant keep!! Your so young, under the legal age to even be having sex, think about what your doing, i am 27 and having lived life to the full i am now ready, have a husband a home and enough money to support our family. Do you have any of these? you should be living a doing things kids your age do not thinking of raising a baby its hard work. Please think before you have unprotected sex, you may not feel it but your only a baby yourself and need to learn about life, how hard it can be and most of all have fun. All the best for the future xx

  10. emily says:

    okay so me and my boyfried have been wanting a baby for along time. My boobs are sore and im cramping,i havent hd a period yet either. I was supose to start on the 13th and today is the 16th. I took a test today and it was negative. Im heart broken and wants to know whats going on. Is it rare to be pregnate and take a test and be negative?

  11. Brittany says:

    Ok exactly 2 wks late now and I don’t know what’s going on I’m always regular and the birth control helps keep me that way, I’ve got extra discharge, im constipated, im bloated, im tired, only felt sick once tho after one sip of coffee but it went away quickly, im moody, and ketchup which i love, test gross to me now and corn which i dislike smelled awesome the other day, But so far my breast feel fine and look the same. I just wanna know why I feel alllll this way and my HPT’s are showing up negative. I’ve never been preg so you could stay this is allll verrry strange to me.

  12. Elena says:

    Sounds like you’re pregnant. I know someone who got pregnant 3x while on birth control pills. If you read the PDR, the manufacturers of birth control products tell you that these products are abortive not contriceptive.

  13. kayleigh says:

    im in the same boat not had a period since january. had all the pregnancie signs cramping, sore boobs, feels sick, headache and back ache. i had 3 days in febuary i bled very slightly and by the third day was over. i now have like movement in my stomach, temp still high, going off food and sharp pain every now and again in my private areas. ive had 4 neg home test but havent taken any for a couple of weeks. im thinking my hormone levels could just be really low hence the reason a positive has not shown up yet???? any ideas please help xx

  14. Robyn says:

    You know, this happened with my first girl. It took over a month to get a positive. Kinda going through the same thing again, but with a massive head cold.

  15. Nikki says:

    I had a Mirena IUD inserted at my six week postpartum and have had no issues with it for the last 22 months, though it made my cycle very irregular.
    Now though I am having pregnancy symptoms, nausea (a while back) fatigue, cramping and what almost feels like round ligament pains. The scariest though is yesterday I was resting on the couch and I felt a fluttering that reminded me of the first felt my son moving.
    I have taken two hpt that both came back negative but I was relieved only shortly. With an IUD getting pregnant is a huge risk because of the likelihood of an ectopic pregnancy. Because I feel so pregnant I researched false negative results and found that an ectopic pregnancy can give them.
    Now I am really frightened, my husband and I were planning another child after my son turns 2 but if I am pregnant I don’t know what to do, it is EXTREMELY dangerous with the IUD and there is a risk of infertility as a result. I also haven’t been taking the best care of myself, I eat too little, smoke too much and get very little sleep and am a stay at home mom that takes care of my son and home alone due to my husbands work hours.

    I’m planning to go to the health department for a blood test but I am so terrified that I really will be pregnant, I don’t know what to do if I am. I do not believe in abortion but they’re huge risks. If I have the IUD removed there is a 60-80% risk of miscarriage and if I leave it in the risk is even higher with further dangers to me such as hemorrhaging and possible loss of fertility. I am well and truly lost.
    I’m not really asking advice I just needed to get this all out of my head.

    • Jessica says:

      I have exactly the same symptoms as you and also have an iud (Mirena). What was the outcome of all this because it really had me scared!

      • 30somethingmom says:

        It turns out that the older I get the more severe my PMS gets. I gain 5+ pounds, breasts hurt, severe fatigue… And I’m no longer regular, my period is all over the place

  16. Nique says:

    Well i feel da same as alot of yu except, I have had bad gas for like 3 weekss, bad headaches, and backaches. of course some abdominal pains and cramps. I missed my depo shot in June and i feel very much pregnant. I haven’t had a period since last year in 09. I took a HPT like a week n a half ago n it came out negative. I’m going to take another one tomorrow. Could I be pregnant?

  17. ritika says:

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  18. ashliegh says:


  19. zoe harman says:

    hi me and my husbond have been trying for over a year now o ge pregnant, we are so sressed out with it all as its taking so long! i am now 7 days late on my peroid, and im normally spot on wiith them! i have ested about four times and all tests say negaive, am i testing too early? as i really feel pregnant! my boobs are killing me, im so tired, and feel really sick, im booked in on monday with the doctor so hopefully i will have some answers then! i hate the waiing its horrible! i just want to know!! lots of baby dust to all of you trying xx

  20. vvnmrls says:

    Hi. I think I am having pregnancy symptoms and am sharing the same issue as the majority of the women here. I was just wondering since this happened to some of you a while back if you did find that you were pregnant or if you ended up not pregnant.

  21. vvnmrls says:

    Hi. I think I am having pregnancy symptoms and share the same issue as the majority of the women here. I just wanted to ask if any of you did find out that you were ipregnant or if you ended up not being pregnant.

  22. Tori says:

    So I have the same problem. I had one of those spotting brown discharge. I thought that was my period coming I since I was two days late. I am a Very Heavy bleeder and it didn’t fill up half a tampon. After that nothing. A few more small brown discharge on my underwear. Then since yesterday I have been having severe diarrhea. Last night my nipples are very sore but not my breast. And I feel like I need to vomit! Also i was suppose to have my period on the 1st of July and it’s the 12th and other than the little discharge nothing has happened since. I took about 3-4 test and negative. What now??

  23. Patrick Reavley says:

    A period, or menstruation, is the shedding of the endometrium – the lining of the uterus. Menstruation is also called menses. All female humans, as well as a number of other female mammals, have regular periods during their reproductive age. Menstruation, which includes bleeding from the vagina, occurs mainly among humans and similar animals, such as primates. In many mammals, the endometrium is reabsorbed. ‘

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  24. Jasmine says:

    I see all these posts are from like 4 years ago but I’m still hoping I get some kind of answer. My last period was on July 11th 2013 my periods are always irregular but every time I’m late I at least have cramps that let me know I’m goin to get it. It’s now sept 17th 2013 and still no cramps or a period I took 3 home tests the first one said yes the other two said no. I went to planned parenthood and that test said no too. This has never happened to me before I’ve never been this late & I have no cramps at all! I’ve downloaded apps in my phone & they all say I’m preggo. I heard its best to take a blood test because its more accurate but not sure if I should wait or not. My signs of pregnancy are weight gain, cravings, nasua, tired all the time, can’t sleep on my stomach, frequent migranes & constipation. When I looked up signs of pregnancy most of these listed were signs. Please anyone reply with an answer I am trying to get pregnant me & my husband have been trying for two years! I just think this is Gods way of seeing how far I will go for something I truly want.

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