Trend Alert: Baggy Jeans with a Rolled Cuffed

Baggy Jeans + Cuff

Trend Alert: Baggy Jeans + Cuff


I don’t know about this trend?!?!  A bit too 80’s for my liking.  I like that baggy jeans came back into style, but a rolled cuff?  I find this a bit too “I’m a Genie in a bottle – Christina Aguilera” looking.  Or, even worse…. MC Hammer!!! When it’s that time of the month I’m sure this look would be much desirable as it is so comfy and relaxed.  But, I just can’t see this becoming the new skinny jean.  What are your thoughts?


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Baggy Jeans with a Rolled Cuffed

  1. Emily says:

    These are almost as stupid as the baggy at the top skinny at the bottom jeans.
    I also love the fact that baggy jeans are back in fashion too. as i HATE skinny jeans, and never owned a pair. I cant wait to see the back of the pretentious skinny jeans. skater/tomboy jeans just rock! or even jeans that are just a little baggy. anything but skinny jeans ew.

  2. Dawn says:

    Baggy Jeans are probably everybody’s body sighing in relief for finally wriggling out of the skinny jeans… I could live without the cuff (and the baggy jeans for that matter) maybe after this trend we’ll get back to comfortable but fitted jeans. (wish the 80’s were over again…)

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