Trend Alert: High Waisted Short

High Waisted Short

Trend Alert: High Waisted Short

High Waisted Shorts


While this style isn’t the most flattering style on our assets… they do create a waist line, which is great!  Pick or choose… nice butt or skinny waist?  Wearing this style at parties will just have me with my back to the wall for most of the night.  This high waisted short is all the rage with celebrities and I’m starting to see much of this look while strolling down W. 4th Ave (Vancouver’s Lululemon capital of the world).  This summer trend is suitable for all ages because older women already wear their shorts up that high anyway and women in their fabulous thirties can show their “I’m still trendy” style.  I bought a black pleated pair from Banana Republic… they’re still in my closet L


One thought on “Trend Alert: High Waisted Short

  1. Dawn says:

    Waist line is true, but somehow with the waist line comes the bigger than life but and for us moms a slightly protruding belly…. the waist line somehow doesn’t seem worth the price…

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