Trend Alert: Animal Print

Nothing says “sex” like an animal print dress.  Once reserved for the +40 clubber who wore bright pink lipstick and sported a bleach blonde do.  Now, animal print is seen at Christmas Parties, wedding receptions and even baptisms!!!  I find that this particular print tells the world that you know you’re sexy and you want others to know it too!  Leopard can be paired with gold, black, red  and some shades of brown.  I personally would pair a leopard print dress with gold shoes and a matching clutch with just a hint of black or red.  Be sexy! Wear Animal prints!


2 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Animal Print

  1. precioussadies says:

    Hi, I just came across your site.
    I did some animal print ribbion in children’s hair accessories this year, paired up with blue. Perfect for brown velvet dresses! They were a huge hit, but not to be sexy, of course!

    Silver and zebra with a bit of black, I think would be stunning in an evening gown.

  2. Fashionbyme says:

    I think that animal prints are awful. You look fat and it reminds of the tights everyone wore in the 90s. If you are into it just wear a garment with a small part in the horrible leopard print or whatever it is!!

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