Is he worth it?

Religion.  For many it is everything and for others it’s just a bunch of hoopla.  For me?  I was raised Christian and I attend mass here and there.  I wouldn’t call myself a hardcore religious person.  What’s the purpose of this post anyway?

Well, I have a friend who met a Jewish man.  They have dated for about 3 years now and he does not believe in marriage.  I hate when guys say that.  To my male readers… don’t tell this to your girlfriend of more than 2 years 6 months.  We women are delicate cretures.  Anyway, He had asked my dear, sweet friend to convert to become a Jew.  My question? WHY-WHY-wtf-WHY!  There is no promise for marriage, there is no ring, there is no WHY-WHY-wtf-WHY!!!!

I respect all religions and I too would consider changing my religion for the man I love more so for the sake of our children.  My question to my readers… would you change your religion if your man did not want to marry you?  Is he worth it?


4 thoughts on “Is he worth it?

  1. quickbeamoffangorn says:

    Short answer is no. Even if there was a proposal the answer is still no.

    Regardless of what religion one has we all have to face our maker in the end and saying you changed your religion because of your spouse isn’t a valid reason.

    I’m catholic and my wife is Baptist. Its not the greatest setup but if you love the person you love them regardless of the differences.

  2. ChiChi says:

    thanks for the response. I’m not too familiar with the Jewish religion (I hope someone can give me some insight), but from what I gather being married to only a Jew is quite a big deal and many relationships end because of this “rule”

    Am I wrong?

  3. quickbeamoffangorn says:

    “being married to only a Jew is quite a big deal and many relationships end because of this “rule””

    Well it depends on whether the individual is a “reform Jew” or an “Orthodox Jew”. The latter is much more strick in their religious observance and it would be very difficult for her to maintain relationships with her family. The reform Jew has less strick rules and its possible.

    However the difference btwn being Jewish and Christian of any stripe is that Jews denie the Divinity of Christ and the Trinity. They believe in one God but that’s the only commonality. Then of course when you add in children you have to know what faith tradition they will be raised in. That has to be ironed out prior to marriage or it could lead to divorce later on.

    Three years of dating is long enough to know if that person is right for you. If she is living with him there is no incentive for his perspective to get married because their is only obligations and no advantages. IOW he is using her as an object not a cherished loved one.

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