Trend Alert: Men wearing scarves with their T-shirts?!?!

um no!

um no!

So, I guess since a scarf looked good on Bekham… it must look good on all men.  I’m sorry… and yes this may come across as being discriminatory… BUT C’MON!!! NO!!!! Men with scarves make me barf!  I live in a city filled with trendy young men who are now starting to sport tight muscle shirts with colourful scarves!!! What?!?!  At first I thought GAP must have had a sale or something…. Some guys can pull this off, but others… well…. others just can’t.  It’s like the pluked or threaded eyebrow craze that has swept the lower mainland.  Um… Hello… it’s sooooo obvious you had your brows done.  It’s great that men are starting to pay attention to their looks … but if you start looking like us…
anyway… lose the scarf.  And if you’re a guy that googled “scarf men”  Take my advise, don’t do it unless you want a group of women giggling behind your back…. it just looks silly.

9 thoughts on “Trend Alert: Men wearing scarves with their T-shirts?!?!

  1. Solveig Muus says:

    It’s true, scarves aren’t for ALL men… but many look downright sexy (Patrick Dempsey, to name one sexy fella, loves them and wears them a lot). But if you’re talking about that look of a man wearing a scarf with a tight T-shirt? Hmmm… not so much. We don’t see that out here in the West (Phoenix).

  2. ChiChi says:

    Like neon green and hot pink, feathered hair or Doc Martin boots… these are trends. I’m sorry, but no matter how hot a guy looks with a tight shirt and a gracefully folded scarf–> I’ll still laugh under my breath. To me, it just doesn’t go. In a month it may be tight ass bearing leggings on a hot guy… again, still a trend… and again… barf-barf-barf!

  3. Geoff says:

    And women haven’t had some downright laughable trends? VERY (and I mean VERY) few women have the body to pull off low rise jeans and a high rise shirt. What about 90% of the time see is jelly rolls of back fat hanging over those jeans. It’s just nasty and me and my friends take pics of them on our cell phones and rate them on a fatty scale. Not to mention the leggings trend where half of the women had a light-bulb silhouette. Or even better, a nice camel toe on the front end because the leggings were so tight.

    And what’s up with this 1920’s little girl hair-do where it’s all bobbed off half way up the back of the neck and hangs down in the front? Looks like you had to have neck surgery or something and they had to remove hair to get in to operate.

    The worst guy’s trend (aside from shiny pants made out of rayon, nylon or polyester-parachute style) were those flamboyantly colorful leggings that rockers and WWF made popular in the late 80s/early 90s. Hulk Hogan was the only person who could really pull that off. Everyone else looked like a bad David Bowie character from Labyrinth.

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