Jon & Kate Plus 8 – A divorce????

Is it true?  It seems as though Kate is getting attcked by just about everyone who is closed to her.  It’s all over the gossip magazines.   I personally I love this show!  I can’t get enough of it.  I have 1 child and they have 8!!!  Wow! 

  I’m sure anyone who has watched the series noticed how the two communicate.  She barks and he follows.  I’ve seen relationships just like this one and that’s just their way of communicating.  Watching Kate yell at her husband can be funny at times but sometimes I feel she tends to be slightly abusive.  Some men can take it… and I guess some can’t.  Was that the case with Jon?  Or, are the rumours true… did Kate really cheat on him first .  So, he felt it was okay to do the same?  Payback?   Who knows the real story.   

What Happened???Check out this before and after of Kate!  I saw this on a magazine while I was waiting in line to pay for my groceries and I thought wow, Kate looks so much like her mom… then it hit me!  That’s not her mom, that’s her… before the money!  Amazing. 

I guess viewers like myself are concerned mostly for the children.  Poor kids.  Sadly, divorce is so common now, but most children don’t have to read about it on the web or on the stands.  Hopefully things work out for the best.



How painful it was to watch these 2 during the last 15 minutes of their season premier.  It was obvious that they are on a break.  Kate cried at one point when asked how things were going.  Both explained that the kids came first and whatever happens it is only for the best for their children.  So, I guess the rest of the season will show how families deal with seperation.  I wonder if this will affect their ratings.  I’ll still be watching.


One thought on “Jon & Kate Plus 8 – A divorce????

  1. Kevin says:

    Both Jon and Kate are good people who are living their lives out on tv and Jon a man who very much love his wife is dealing with him like one of the eight kids. I’ve notice that Jon keep making reference to his age when he married Kate. Kate whom age I don’t know seem older and it’s has been in my exprience both personal and as a cop men are not ready for an older women when he’s in his early 20s and she in her late 30s women tend to be on a different level that men not until their late 20s or 30s the light go off and better understand what a women need from us women over compensate; but he like her will regret not getting help to fix their problem they belong together we forget that if we take care of each other our kids our home our money will fall in place.

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