Fat Ladies and Salad

Does it ever occur to you that the larger women in the office are always the healthy-eating ones?  So, you think to yourself as you are downing your third slice of pepperoni pizza… how is that she eats so healthy and be that big!  Well, the answer ladies!!! (drum roll please)  That’s only one meal in a day.  Like every mom we try to look good on the outside.  Be that “actor on the stage”… But, I’m onto you!  Why?  Because sadly, I am you.  I bring the most elaborate salads to work. And, little do my co-workers know, I’m scarffing down cookies and chips at home.  I should stop.  But the food honestly speak to me, they do!  Next time you see the bigger lady at work picking at her salad, remember that somewhere hidden in her desk is a bag full of mini chocolate bars…. Believe me.


2 thoughts on “Fat Ladies and Salad

  1. sulz says:

    yes, sadly that’s the truth! i don’t eat salads that much, but when i eat out i often eat much less than i really do at home.

    which means if we stay at home less often we won’t give in to temptations and we might lose some weight! 😉

  2. annagins says:

    And then you have the people who put so much dressing on their salad that they might as well have a couple of slices of pizza. I feel kind of bad when I see someone who has good intentions just dousing a salad with dressing. It’s as if they blocked out all the talk shows, magazines and newspaper items showing how heavily dressed salads stack up.

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