Loser boyfriend!?!?

How do you tell your friend that her man is a loser?  How?  She’s obviously not with him for his looks nor his wallet.  She just has that “feeling” about him.  Could it possibly be gas that she’s feeling?  You almost want to kick her in the head and yell out, “HELLO!!!! Are you serious???”

You know what I’m talking about and I’m sure there’s a boyfriend, fiance or husband in your group of friends whom you totally despise.  He clings on to your friend like he’s a needy toddler and constantly calls her when your are all out for girls night!!! My husband is not perfect and I’m sure some of my friends have a strong opinion about him but he’s far from hat Mama’s boy type that seeks constant attention from the woman they are with.

Of course I wouldn’t flat out tell my friend that her man is a loser.  I say things in a way to hint his insecurities, like … “why does he call you every hour, doesn’t he have something to do?” or, “why does he want to come out with us, doesn’t he have friends? (on a girls night out)”

Please share your stories as I am curious to know how the women out there deal with their friend’s loser boyfriend.


One thought on “Loser boyfriend!?!?

  1. Il Duche says:

    Gah. I hate it when it comes time to say something or not say something. You’re damned if you and damned if you don’t.

    After filing for divorce, my dearest friend asked me to TELL HER if she ever appears to be making the same mistake she did with her first husband. Hello? Do you really think you would have listened the first time around?

    Someone else asked me to do the same thing after I went with her to get a restraining order for some idiot she was dating. When I said something three boyfriends down the road, she was “offended.”

    I’m keeping my mouth shut from now on. I don’t think they really want to know the truth.

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