If I could turn back time!

As I come closer to the (barf in my mouth) 40th year in my life… I realize how fast time goes by!  Cliche – yes!  But, getting older? – Oh God save me – especially my face!  As I stare at my 30-something body in the mirror I see wrinkles only on the one part of my body which I expose indefinitely… MY FACE!!!  While most ads are targeted to the very large baby boomer population, I too consider the purchase of anti-wrinkle cream.  I’m being proactive. Right?

I miss my tight, glowing, flawless skin from high school.  I would never consider plastic surgery.  Correction.  I would never consider plastic surgery to my face. Boobs are another story.  Let’s just say my body resembles a chubby 12 year old boy.

Oh the things I’ve tried.  I did masks made out of pretty much anything in my fridge.  I’ve made pastes out of aspirin and water… saw it on a beauty forum.  I exfoliate, peel, moisturize, hydrate… you name it!  I know.  I can’t stop the aging process, but what I can do is complain about it!  AGGGGHHHHH!  Help me!


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