Trend Alert: The Beatle shag

The Beetle Shag

I’ve noticed more and more boys sporting this 60’s-70’s do and I’m not too sure If I like it yet.  My son is 4 and I stopped bringing him to the salon.  I’ve jumped on the band wagon.  Celebrities play a huge part on how we groom our kids… hair that is.  I remember when Angelina had Maddox in a mohawk and every kid from White Rock to West End had this on themselves and their kids.  My son is fortunate to have inherited my husband’s straight hair and not my wild, puffy creature which I call my hair.   And while his hair does look good long, I do get tempted to take him to the hair dresser or even worse (cue the funeral music) cut it my self.  My husband would go ape-sh#@ on me!

What’s next? The oh so popular 80’s mullet?  I would never go that far.  I think back in the 80’s a celebrity … probably a wrestler or country singer got a hair cut and the hair dresser got distracted and just didn’t finish.  Then Boom!  The mullet was born!  No thank you. i

I’ll have my son stick with this shag.


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