I’m going to be a hockey mom?

So, my husband is ready to live his dreams of once becoming a NHL player through my toddler boy.  Imagine, me as a hockey mom.  All I know is that I’ll be getting up at 5AM in attempt to gather all that is necessary for a hockey practice.  I don’t even watch hockey.  I often complain that the puck is not visible to the naked eye.  I care more about the design of the Goalie’s helmet than to knowing the score.  I don’t “do” sports.  Anyway, here is my shameless plus for a forum I started in hopes to connect BC parents involved in Hockey.  I need to make new hockey mom friends so they can teach my a few things.  To think, I’ll be yelling and jump in the bleachers… something I never thought I would ever do.  Anyway, please pass this forum to anyone you know that is involved with little kid hockey.  I’d like to get a feel as to what my husband is getting me into.

BC Hockey Swap – a website to help me into a community I know nothing about.


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