Trend Alert: The Loafer


Yes ladies, it’s here. The shoe that defines our age. The loafer. I guess if there was a shoe that represented the 30-something mom… it would be the loafer. Either that, or running shoes. Well, for this season the loafer is back and it is cool. Wow, I just typed those words together. Loafer and Cool in the same sentence. On The City (my guilty pleasure), Whitney’s friend made a comment about a pair of loafers, she said they showed a more sophisticated type woman… wish I could find the quote. You just think mature, older, mother type when you see someone wear these shoes. But, celebrities like Rihanna, Kate Hudson, Lauren Conrad etc are all showing off this latest trend. hmmm…. should I fall victim to this trend and add 5 years to my age… hmmm….


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