The Boyfriend’s / husband’s / lover’s Christmas Party

Yes ladies, it is now the time to watch what we eat, dye the grays and wax places we have not waxed since last winter. It is the time of the Christmas party. And, it’s not just any Christmas party. It is the party where you represent your man. A party where woman smile yet say horrid comments in their head about the fashion choices made that evening. I hate the sad old, “hi, nice to meet you” crap. I enjoy the food and free booze. I especially like showing off my dance skills to songs like, baby got back and let’s get married.

Let’s talk clothes. I will share with you several looks which are quite popular and trendy this christmas. These looks include hot pink blouses paired with a black skirt. Hint ladies… Imagine that your crotch represents the age of 16 years old and your knees represent the age of 45+ years old. The older you are the closer the length of your skirt should be to your knees. Be conservative, remember… you are a mom.

The second look is a black dress with a tulled bottom. Again, mind the length. And ensure the tulle is not too puffy consequently making you look like the death of ballet.

Finally, gold sequins. This look is sophisticated and if you are shy and yet want to try this look… maybe go for an all black outfit and wear a gold sequin blazer or even a clutch to give that pop. Hope you enjoy these looks and have fun at that party! Don;t forget to wear your Spanks!


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