Trend Alert: Black Lace Leggings

Sexy-Sexay! Lace leggings are here. What is it about winter and lace? I shouldn’t complain because now I have no excuse to wear dresses to my dinner parties. I often opt for the pant look as it is so cold in the winter. I guess I shouldn’t complain, I live in Vancouver. The younger celebrities are pairing their black lace leggings with a simple black cocktail dress. This is a look that a person my age can pull off. While there are various colours of lace leggings out there… remember to keep the colours in your outfit uniformed. For example. If you have dark gray lace leggings, pair it with an even darker shade of gray whether it be a dress, cropped pant, or sweater dress. And, Christmas does not not give you an excuse to pair red with green. I don’t want my readers showing up at a fancy dinner party with a green dress and red lace leggings. No-no-no! Have fun with this look.


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