Where did that come from?


Sitting down in front of a mirror is not a fun experience for me.  I saw….. back fat!  Back fat? Yes, back fat.  I’ll often pinch it and let out a big sigh.  If only there was a way to transfer the fat in my body to places like my hallow chest or my slowly-getting-flat ass.  If only I had that ability.  Sure, I should start working out and eating right. But, the thought of putting on my runners for a purpose just doesn’t make sense anymore.   I try to stand a little more straight… and still there!  I try to suck in my gut… and still there!!!!  I try to hide it under my bra and guess what… still there!  I don’t mind having a gut, but back fat? Why? Where did that come from? Had someone told me 10 years ago that I’d gain a whole bunch of weight I would have dressed a little sluttier.  Rather, I wore everything baggy and if it wasn’t baggy it was boring.  Dressing like a hoochy is not an option right now.  People may run away or hurt their eyes, or run away… faster.I’ll accept it. I’ll pinch it and smile.


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