Trend Alert: Corset Belts

Like any belted look I would suggest that you keep your outfit fitted.  I also suggest that a monochromatic look (same tones / similar colours) would work best when accenting with a corset belt.  A corset belt can be worn over a T-shirt, dress, button-up, fitted cardigan, etc.  Just remember to keep that outfit fitted.  As far as belt colours go, that is up to you and how daring you can be with colours.  If all else fails, buy a black belt.  Another thing to consider is the way the belt fits you.  Keep in mind where your flubba-bubba is and be aware if those love handles are spilling out of the sides.  These belts come in a variety of sizes so try them on before you buy them and look in the mirror.  When looking in the mirror, sit down, stand up and bend over… this is to ensure that you feel comfortable in the belt and that your flubbies are not saying hello to the world.

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