Filipino Recipe Blogs

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1. Panlasang Pinoy – If you search for a Filipino recipe on YouTube,  you will probably get one of this guy’s recipes.  My Tagalog is a bit rough so I have to go onto his website to get the recipe in English.  What I like about his site is that each recipe he posts has a video to accompany it.  I’ve made the casava cake and sisig. Both attempts were successful.  This is a site worth bookmarking.
2. The Pinoy Cook –  Connie Veneracion writes about  meals she cooks for her family. She is not a chef.  She is  a retired lawyer and, currently, an independent web publisher, op-ed columnist, food columnist and magazine writer.
3. Filipino Food Lovers – This site is a Filipino recipe Blog where Filipinos can share recipes and exchange ideas about cooking their delicious, native dishes. Although this is mainly focused on Philippine cuisine, I’m not leaving out the western cuisine. Having said that I’m also going to include American food on this recipe blog site for the ones who wish to serve their family American food, and yes everyone is welcome to this site.
4. Pinoy Food Blog – Noemi Lardizabal-Dado blogs about popular filipino recipes.  She claims that she learned to cook at 21 years old.  She show cases recipes such as food for the goods and lasagna.  I refer to her blog quite a bit when cooking my Filipino dishes.
5. Visual Recipes – Filipino – A step-by-step guide with plenty of pictures to illustrate the process in making several Filipino recipes.   I especially liked the recipe for Fresh Lumpia (Lumpiang Sariwa)

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