Jake the Fake … big Mistake!!!!

  I’m sure all the woman around the world joined me in a yelling match with the television this evening.  Is it me, or did Jake come across as a bit abusive-husband-ish?  I feel that Vienna represents majority of women in a relationship.  We want to be loved, acknowledged… have our own opinion.  The smirk on Jake’s face made me want to punch my TV.  We’ve all had our share of assholes in our lives, maybe that is why most of you agree with my urge to reach into the TV and kick him in the balls!  Who really cared about the actual show, The Bachelorette?  I’m sure most tuned in to watch this fight on TV, I mean that’s considered good TV nowadays.  My opinion?  Jake is an asshole and I’m glad Vienna came out first to tell her story because this guy is obviously lying.  Urrrggghhhh!  That smirk!!!! Maybe Tenley would have been a better match for him.


Watch the a little of the  Breakup

Exclusive Video on ABC

News from E!


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